Try to set the night on fire (antiprettysin) wrote in ashkerwin_isluv,
Try to set the night on fire

Okay soo... I LOVE Crash A LOT! I mean i know he cheated on her but I am a firm believer in that people can change, and being stuck in my own wanna date my ex situation I can totally see this happening. BESIDES...Craig and Ash always understood each other, musically, creatively and just generally in life..I always wanted them together since he came to Degrassi, I saw him as cool enough for new Ash. Anywho....when they broke up....Ugh! devastation. This eppy though made me ::SQUEE:: Fave line ( IM SUCH A FAN GIRL....yea im lame and romantic) " Everything, it was about Ashley, it wasnt about a single, or making it big, it was just Ashley"
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