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Hey everyone, Im Tawana, 13 years old, and from Arkansas, USA. Ashley is, and has always been my fave Degrassi character for so many reasons. First, she is sooo pretty! And she and Craig make the cutest couple. I also believe she has been through so much.

1. Her dad is gay.
2. Shes been cheated on, over a long period of time.
3. She took E at a party and lost all her friends.
4. Was pressured to have sex with Jimmy.
5. Apologized for taking E, and then lost all her friends again.
6. Has been depressed.
7. Went goth.

Shes been through more drama than anyone else on the show. I really hope she and Craig gets back together! I felt so bad for her when she found out she was getting cheated on. Though I didnt see Accidents Will Happen, I heard she announced to the whole school Manny was pregnant and that the name Craig and Manny were talking about was ugly. Lol. Go Ashley! She also said when Manny walked nearby she smelt something skanky. Lol. Go again! I am also sick of communities bashing Ashley, and when I found this community I was like yay! Cuz Ashley is so awesome. She is a awesome musician too. ~*~*Tawana*~*~
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