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"This whole thing...it's been about Ashley"

Ashley Kerwin is love
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For Ash lovers...there's too much Ashley hate in the communities we need somewhere to post where we won't be told how weird she is for turning goth...etc.

According to me (in response to an Ash Bash)

I love Ash I think she's complex, thoughtful and one of the smartest characters on the show. She's creative, and while she can have her issues and her problems, well all characters do because that's how real people are. We're not all perfect and we have our moments when we can act like, and be misconstrued as complete bitches. And although she hasn't had all these goddawful things happen her life hasnt been completely perfect, she had to deal with her dad being gay,dealing with the reprecussions over a lapse of judgement , and her boyfriend cheating on her, and furthermore having what happened be paraded all over school when he and Manny were "dating" because of her pregnancy. Some people just deal with stress differently and she deals with it by withdrawing more and leaning away from people, i'm more of a Paige, go through something and just go on as if nothing happens, other people have their demons to face and sometimes it takes a lot longer than other people. About her transformations...although a bit extreme, I think she needed to reevaluate herself after jagged Little Pill and she changed, I didn't really see it as a poseriffic type deal. I saw her change her look but she never claimed to be REALLY hardcore and crap, she left her conforming parameters and went for what she wanted. Not really that much different from Manny's transformation. SHe wanted to kick up her image, for herself and she did.

According to the-N.com:

Ex-girlfriend of Craig. Ash has gone through more changes than probably anybody else at Degrassi. She went from being the most popular girl at school to one of the least, because of some super bad behavior she pulled at a party. But, after a huge struggle, Ashley finally seems to have found herself as a person. She lightened up her self-imposed goth look, then went a long way to win back her friends--like Paige and Spinner--and to snag one of the most eligible guys in school. And then to dump him when he cheated on her with Manny.

Aside from being smart and well-rounded, Ms Kerwin's strongest trait is that she's very self-assured,sometimes Ash takes things a bit too seriously.

Degrassi is INTENSE love

Ashley Kerwin and Ellie Nash are Love <3.

Ashley Kerwin and Ellie Nash are Love <3.

Degrassi is Love <3.

Degrassi is Love <3.